Worthing Reflexology


Reflexology-holistic therapy that aids relaxation and healing

Precise massage and pressure is being applied to reflexes that correspond to body parts and organs. This treatment is very relaxing and allows body to heal itself .It can be very beneficial for many condition


Facial Reflexology The Bergman Method- aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level with added extra glowing and radiant complexion.Facial reflexology can be very beneficial for children and teenagers as well as elderly. Rosehip oil is ued together with gua shua tool, jade roller and reflexology stick. You will leave with younger looking and glowing complexion complexion. Helps with head aches, muscle tension, anti-ageing, tight jaw, sinuses

£35 -50 min

Feet reflexology +Face reflexology

This treatment combines best of both worlds.

30 min face reflexology + 50 min feet reflexology

£53 -80 min

Gift certificates

Perfect as a gift to loved ones. You can choose feet, face, reik


cupping on multiply areas -                                                                       45 -£38



 45 min session involving smudging and /or using chakra stones if needed or requested- £33

Hopi ear candles

45 min £23


Foot soak, exfoliate, hard skin removal, foor scrub, cuticle tidy, nails cut and file, nail varnish.

 Luxury pedicure includes hot oil wrap.-70 min -£33

 Traditional pedicure 60 min-70 min £28

Package TREAT ME 

Reflexology plus pedicure 

120 min £53

Reflexology + file & paint

Usual reflexology with nail file and paint 

75 min £43