Worthing Reflexology

Hopi Ear  Treatment

What is Hopi ear candle ?

It is simple "candle" that is used to not only for relaxation but is also used by many people to help with various ailments.The candle is lit on one end whilst the end with filter and plastic end is placed in the ear. Many people think that the "bits2 found inside the candle after the treatment, are waz from the ear . THIS IS INCORRECT!

During the treatment you will hear crackling noises from the flames, that noise makes the ear drum vibrate, the warm smoke warms up the inside of the ear.This in turn loosens the wax that falls out naturaly ("leaks") over the course of day or 2 after the treatment.

One session won't usually do the trick. Sometimes several sessions are required to achive the results.

Many people use them purely for relaxation, others for "medical" reason. Please note :if you have pain in your ear or jaw you will need to see your GP!

Hopi ear candle can:

*improve hearing

*help with tinnitus sounds (depends on reason behind tinnitus)

*release of build up of wax

*relief of sinus infection

and many others.

This treatment  includes  Facial Lymph Drainage