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What's cupping therapy and how it works​

Cupping therapy isn't a new therapy, in some form it has been around since ancient Egyptians.

There are different methods of cupping, here at Worthing Reflexology I offer massage cupping with dry Hijama cupping.

Cupping massage can be compared to a deep tissues massage but instead of pressing on the muscles it creates a suction which in turn creates negative pressure and lifts the muscles and fascia.

Hijama cupping is a "static" cupping where the cups are being left on precise points for few minutes,using suction pump. These two methods are combined for extra benefit and after innitial assesment.

I also offer cupping on feet combined with reflexology -this is very beneficial for plantar fasciatis

Cupping incurages increase of blood flow to affected areas. This blood is oxyganated and contains essential nutritions that enable healing and helps geat rid of any stagnant toxins.

Cupping has an effect on up to 4 inches into the tissue.

Benefits of cupping and some conditions that cupping can be helpful:

*Cupping is effective for treating not only muscular complaints but a range of other concerns, such as:

*Frozen shoulder


*Knee problems

*Plantar fasciatis

*Constipation and IBS


*Poor immunity

*Neck and Shoulder tension

*Stress and overall Back tension

*Lower back pain

*Speeds up muscle recovery

*Loosens muscles

*Relieves tension

*Improves circulation

 * can relieve respiratory difficulties

*Localised pain relief

*Clears energy blockages


Q:Can I have cupping on any place on my body?

A: Yes, more places are suitable, however I do not do facial cupping or head cupping, there are also some conditions that cupping is not advisable

Q: Does cupping hurt?

A: Some points might be more tender than others, this ususaly happens when there is more stagnation. You might also feel tingling and pulling sensation. It is usualy very relaxing.

Q: How long do the marks last?


Depending on the level of stagnation, they can last up to 7 days. After the treatment I use arnica oil to speed up the healing process.

REMEMBER:If you are unsure if your condition is suitable or have more questions feel free to message me or to give me a call