Worthing Reflexology

Welcome to my little therapy room

My therapy room is situated on the first floor of my house. If you have any mobility issues please do not hesitate to contact me and we can always arrange some alternative 

My name is Monika.I practice from my house in Goring . In 2002 I have obtained a BA in rehabilitation of young offenders but since coming to UK I haven't been able to work in my profession. Instead I have discovered fantastic and rewarding job- for 15 years I was working as care assistant. Few years ago I woke up with tinnitus in both ears, this led to anxiety and depression.This is when I have discovered holistic therapies. Since then, I have changed my life and started to think more about myself and my emotional well-being. I have discovered reflexology-a very powerful holistic therapy. I am a member of Professional Reflexology, Federation of Holistic Therapists, International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine  and  I have a diploma in Level 5 of  Clinical and Therapeutic Reflexology. I am also a Reiki practitioner. I have been trained in Facial Reflexology The Bergman Method. I have an International Diploma in Massage although I do not offer massage on it's own anymore  but only in connection with cupping therapy that I hold a diploma at.

I specialise in female related problems and stress related health problems for both men and ladies. I have diploma in Hopi Ear candling  . To top it up and on my clients' request I have obtained a certificate in pedicure so I can offer them anything they need in relation to their feet.

Many of my clients are elderly, who enjoy having reflexology in their own home. Beside being passionate about Women's Health I also take big interest in Men's Health as I think men are highly overlooked in recent times.

* My treatment room is on the first floor, so if you have any mobility issues, let me know and we can rearrange everything